Tuesday, December 13, 2011

been cracking some nuts....

"see emily play" pink floyd.

Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre's Nutcracker opened December 2nd with a huge bang (check out this REVIEW).  We've had shows every Friday night, Saturday morning/evening, and Sunday morning/early evening.  Right now we're about half way through, and I'm finally feeling relief

My first show I was a mental mess.  Completely horrible.  I honestly don't think I've ever been so nervous before going onstage before.  Perhaps because it was literally the first time I was wearing the costume, let alone stepping foot on the Benedum Theatre stage.  My first show I was casted in Snow.  Snow is usually my favorite part of Nutcracker because of the cheap paper snow that flutters down and swirling sequences, but this time it was a snowstorm from hell.  I didn't know which wing to enter or exit from.  I felt like a druggie suffering from withdrawal... paranoid is the first word that comes to mind.

I've had several other shows since then, and now I can comfortably say I am at ease as long as I breathe slowly backstage.  I've officially danced all my different parts in snow and flowers, and it's actually quite fun to dance onstage now!  All the makeup is killing my face.  My skin is so dry and my eye lashes are falling out from the eye falsies' glue.  You can always tell when a dancer has been performing alot onstage, and that's because her pointe shoes turn black on the sides and bottoms (sometimes on the top of the vamp as well).  I'm very fortunate to have three other pairs. 

Other than Nutcracker....
  • I've been using the facebook application called "Spotify" so much that the only time I open iTunes is when I must absolutely need to charge my iPod.
  • Suffering from drawing-block (like writers' block, except for artists... not that I'm an artist or anything... I just can't think of anything to draw).
  • started biting my nails yesterday since they didn't have polish on them.  So much for having nice long nails for the holidays.  Me and my horrible habits...
  • have been reading The Godfather since I always like reading the books before watching the films.  It's an awesome book by the way.  Now I'm oooober excited to watch the movie.
  • have rediscovered my love for hot cocoa
 **not my photography**

Anyways I hope everyone is getting ready for the holidays!  If you're close to Pittsburgh, please come out and see us perform!  We'll be here until the 23rd!!!!  Pssst bring your children to the lower lobby for pictures with the Sugar Plum and the Nutcracker to help our fund raiser for the school!! (I'll be there on the days I'm not onstage!)

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Hannah said...

aw, i bet you are fabulous in the nutcracker!!! Snow is my favorite part to watch. :)