Wednesday, June 8, 2011

new york city adventure!! part uno

Good day world!  This week has been so far amazing, and I think will be getting even better!!  Monday/Tuesday I spent in New York City with four friends from Harid as well as mutual friends.  My friend is renting in Union City right now, so NYC is right there.  In fact, you can see the entire Manhattan skyline from their balcony.   It's bloody brilliant (I've always wanted to say that).  We spent the entire night just looking at it (until four in the morning... yeah it was that beautiful).

Day 1: We started off by rendez-vousing with two other people (one of whom is Pav as well as a mutual friend from Brooklyn).  Then we headed to the Museum of Natural History.  We started by watching a star show in the planetarium theatre thingy.  Kinda hurt my neck, but it was interesting.  Then we started walking around.  We managed to see atleast three of the huge floors at the museum.  My favorite section was the one with all the rocks, minerals, and gems.  I've always had a fascination with rocks so it was amazing.  Unfortunately we were rushing through this because the speakers were shouting "MUSEUM CLOSING IN TEN MINUTES" in like five different languages.  We had lunch in Central Park on a huge rock.  We kept asking passerby what their favorite color was, and every once in a while someone answered or smiled.  One guy riding a bike actually turned around and started talking to us.  It was funny because he was wearing a shirt that said Nigeria, so we asked if he was from there, and he replied,"Yeah, mon!" hahahah I guess we confused Nigeria with Jamaica??  Then we went out to dinner in a quaint little Italian restau.  I got the marina pizza which had some calamari and shrimp on top.... soooo good =]  Then we hung out in Times Square before we caught our bus at Port Authority.

at least he died in a comfy position =]
Aztec.  Carved from bone!

Aztec nose fashion piece!
Aztec earrings. LOVE
I think the caption above is explanatory.  Besides its sexuality, I think it's an awesome "vessel"
 As I said, later on that day we headed to Times Square, and on the way we passed by the Public Library, and right behind it is Bryant Park:

Me and Pav.  I'm sporting all American Apparel clothing with thrifted purse and various bracelets from everywhere.  Pav is in a Juicy Couture dress that she bought with me!

Day 2: Guggenheim Museum!!  A little disappointing because all the ramps were closed, but five exhibits were open.  One had a bunch of kids' art crafts which was cute because they wrote little stories next to their pieces.  There was the "Hugo Boss Prize" exhibit where some dude glued or pasted (i don't know how) $100,000 to the walls and poles.  It was awesome to see all those one dollar bills.  The third exhibit we saw was Kandinsky at the Bauhaus.  It was really cool.  My favorite exhibit was the Thannhauser collection which had a bunch of paintings from late 1800's to early 1900's (which is one of my favorite periods of art).  They had some old Picasso paintings from his blue period.  I love his early paintings before the whole Cubism movement.  Their movements have so much meaning and expression.

Woman Ironing, Picasso 1904.
My favorite painting that I saw that day was Rousseau's "Football Players".  It's really quirky because all the players are not paying attention to playing at all... they look very contemporary as if they're posing for a facebook picture.  Notice how unproportional everything is?  The players are taller than the tree trunks!  Not to mention the French-looking mustaches.  Too cool.
Rousseau, The Football Players, 1908
They also had some Manet and Monet.... etc.  Oh and Cezanne!!!!! Love Cezanne, and it was amazing to have had this opportunity to see his work up close.

After we had dinner, we walked to Times Square again before departing via Port Authority.  We stepped into alot of shops (Disney, M&M's, Hershey, Oakley, etc.)

the only show I've seen is Beauty and the Beast when I was a kid.  But I'd really like to see Phantom, Lion King, RENT, and Wicked!!

bein sexy at the M&M's store. Guess I have a thing for yellow?
I'm sorry I hope you haven't all been blinded by all these photos.  I'm going back to visit them again Friday/Saturday as well as watching ABT in Bright Stream.  Hope tomorrow is just as hot as today!!

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I'm on my phone right now, so I'll keep the comment short until I can commit full time and energy, but this is amazing!