Wednesday, June 29, 2011

dancer spotlight; alessandra ferri

alessandra ferri.
royal ballet, american ballet theatre, teatro alla scala
It should be no surprise that Alessandra Ferri is one of my favorite dancers.  We're both short and have broad shoulders.  Only HUGE difference is that she has the best feet in the world. 

She trained at La Scala Theatre Ballet School in Milan (where she was born) and finished her studies at the Royal Ballet School.  Upon graduation in 1980 she joined the Royal Ballet and was soon promoted to Principal dancer in 1984.  In 1985 she left Royal Ballet for ABT by special invitation from Baryshnikov.  In 1992 she also accepted the position of Prima Ballerina Assoluta at La Scala Ballet Theatre.  She retired in 2007 with her farewell performance of Romeo and Juliet with Italian partner Roberto Bolle.

She is best known for her romantic and neo-classical performances (such as Giselle, Manon, and of course Romeo and Juliet).  She is considered by most, the best Juliet ever to live (I have to agree).


Miss Pepper Vintage♥ said...

i stumbled unto your blog ~ it looks really pretty and interesting! will be back again!
x milla

pav said...

have you ever seen Nureyev & Fonteyn's romeo and juliet? technically it's behind our time, but the emotions i feel are so much more childlike and raw there, which is fitting because of their ages.

how short is she? because next to the willis in the giselle video she looks absolutely TINY

Liza said...

Love love love her! I used to be a ballerina too, up until I was about 20. I miss it so much! I'm sure you are fabulous...your extension is amazing!

XO, Liza
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