Saturday, June 4, 2011

"australia".... performances, commencement, and end of the year!!!

"australia" the shins. thanks pav for this cd =]

I am home.  I will not be in Florida anymore (well who knows what's in store for the future).  I think I will go crazy without the beaches. Really.  Pittsburgh? ahhh too cold.  I have soooo many pictures to squeeze in!!  Enjoy and read captions like always.

dressing room madness.... as always

sea scallops at seasons52. best restau ever

wasn't in this cast so I got to take pics of warm up!

warm up class.

make-up half on. nirvana love.

found a dozen of roses in my room after opening night from my family!! biggest and most beautiful surprise ever, I started to cry.
 Talking about surprises... I never told my family that I was leading in Mark Godden's piece "Fable".  I subbed in for my friend opening night because she hurt her foot.  I held the secret for over a month, and on the closing show (which my family came to) they saw me!  They were completely surprised.
just being funky before one of the shows. that makeup/headpiece is for spanish by the way (which was freaking amazing even though I ruined my back).

yess, guys wear a little make-up for shows. thought this one was a cool shot.

pav. the hungarian master. who likes vibrating massage things. that's what she said. love you pav.

DIY hair for my commencement dinner! took two hours to finally get this.

pav.... so darn beautifully tall.

tegan my favorite supervisor ever!!! and alef my partner in Fable and awesomely amazing friend.  my dress is BCBG by the way =D

my Diogo!! who found a suit finally.

I just can't get enough of Alef. tehe

These two girls got me through these past two years. Love you Mel and Kiera

my family. =] you can see they enjoyed the Florida sun ALOT

best friends kill eachother. literally.

Alexandre! couldn't have got through these past two years without you!
leaving the place I've lived at for two years.
I guess it's no surprise that I've been at Harid... only ballet boarding school in Florida if no one got the hints.
the really awesome African-looking tree in front of the driveway.
last time on Potomac Road!
right before getting on I-95 North. Headed for New Jersey!

So I am officially a Harid graduate!  These two years have been tough, and I struggled so much, but I'm glad to have survived through it.  I want to thank all my friends, family, and teachers for supporting me through this adventure.  I will never forgot the friends I made along the way, and I hope to keep in touch with them through infinite skype and oovoo sessions.  I can't wait to start hearing about their names in professional dance companies.

I'm off to Pittsburgh in a few weeks time now... I'll see what fate has to offer (or force upon me).  For now I will enjoy my last few weeks at home catching up with old friends and family.


Four-eyed Ballerina said...

Wow your BCBG dress fits you perfectly!

I really like your warm up pics.

Its always a big step leaving a place you've been for a few years; good luck!

pav o said...

wow, this was a pav heavy post :)
a) okay,so seasons 52 is awesome.AND THOSE SCALLOPS LOOK BEAUTIFUL.
b) i love that shot of you in the mirror with the roses. we look like a baby-pre-fucked up gelsey kirkland.
c) the photo of ale in the mirror is amazing... like TOTALLY! i wish it were mine ya hoe.
d) thanks for that massage jibe. thanks. thanks. i fucking hate you. nah, i would never :)
e) your braid is SICK!! did you do it yourself?
f) wow, way to pick the worst picture ever of me. whatever.
g) love. your. dress