Wednesday, June 15, 2011

new york city --- part four. abt's the bright stream

 ABT; the Bright Stream: I finally got to see it!  Biggest surprise of my life was a sudden cast change from Jose Manuel Carreno to IVAN VASILIEV!!!  The rest of the cast was literally amazing as well: Natalia Osipova, Ziomara Reyes, Daniil Simkin, Maria Ricceto, and  Simone Messmer just to name a few.  I walked about 60 blocks total (and in the rain) to see this show, and it was completely worth it.  This ballet is HILARIOUS!, the choreography is fantastic, and the dancing was unparalleled (at least in America hehe).  I would recommend this ballet for anyone from any age or ballet background (or lack of).  The audience was very diverse; young to old (toddlers and old senior toddlers), Americans, Asians, Russians, Europeans, etc.  Even though I watched alone, I didn't feel alone at all because everyone was enjoying the show together.  

Osipova's dancing was... well Osipova's dancing.  Flawless and incredible, jumping higher than most of the men.  Reyes was also fantastic and very cute.  Daniil Simkin; he is one talented man.  He was just as good en pointe as off.  IVAN VASILIEV: this was my first time watching him, and oh god, how I hope I can see him again.  He was so so so strong and full of character.  On top of this, his jumps and turns are incredible (he was doing TRIPLE TOURS). Yeah, that's right, that's what I said TRIPLE TOURS.  Soloists that stood out were Simone Messmer and Maria Ricceto.  They were amazing.

called "Sputniks", gift from Russia
from left from first red dress: Simone Messmer and her partner, Maria Ricceto and her partner, Xiomara Reyes, Ivan Vasiliev, Natalia Osipova, Daniil Simkin, the 'old' couple who were so cute and I can't find my libretto at the moment so I can't write their names =[
 I will be returning to nyc at least once more next week to watch ABT's Coppelia!  Will write again soon, hope you enjoyed!


pav o said...

okay, i'm so happy you enjoyed bright stream! i want to see it so badly now. and i'm also super happy for you that vasiliev stepped in for carreno :) if i didn't know you any better, i would have thought that you voodooed him or something.

and the "sputniks" are fucking hilarious in the sense that if they were hanging there 50ish years ago, people would have torn them down and thought that the Russians were spitting them in the face.

and how did the "men on pointe" thing go? i was a wee worried.

Rachel Carina said...

i practically peed my pants when i saw the cast change. only daniil simkin went en pointe, and he was awesome. he did like four pirouettes. every time. yeah. and osipova did the men's part doing double saut de basques!!!!!