Thursday, June 30, 2011

photographer spotlight: Melissa Dooley

melissa.dooley. [dancer/photographer]
Other than the amazing feeling I get when I dance, the other incredible aspect of dance is being around people from all over the place with different talents.  Above technique and extension and false eyelashes, to me, artistry is the most important part of ballet. What fuels a dancer's artistry?  Only God knows... people, culture, music, lyrics.... I don't know! Anything!  For me, mostly it's music and my own emotions.  I get inspired from so many things, but especially art.  Photography included.

This brings me to Melissa.  I met her last summer at an intensive program.  Not only is she an amazingly gifted dancer, but she's also a fantastic photographer.

"Melissa Dooley started taking pictures because photography offered her a visual representation and artistic way of remembering her life. Though a ballet dancer herself, it was not until 2009 that she began photographing dancers. “We usually find that the average photographer does not choose flattering angles and correct positions,” she says. “We want to look longer and leaner but still with a grand presence.”

Having just completed the Graduate Program with Pittsburgh Ballet Theater, Melissa will be an apprentice with The Alabama Ballet in Birmingham next season.
If you’d like to connect with Melissa, find her on Facebook. Melissa says, “It really means so much to be able to share my photography, especially with the ballet community.”

- Dance Advantage Blog

Here are some of her pictures from her flickr.


"Central Park"


"My Favorite. So if you are a ballerina, at Pittsburgh Ballet Theater, and are bored on a Saturday night, this is what you do. Kiera kindly volunteered her face to be decorated and photographed. Twas a fun evening thank you Andrew and Camille for your coaching as well. Camille you are next!"


"Fall back."

"What to do when there is a blizzard outside."


"Rapture Day ended with triumph!"

"Take a Look at What You've Become."

"This is what happens when you are snowed in on your day off. It literally has been snowing for hours now. You can see my loads of peach fuzz here and how the green sprinkles I had in the cabinet stick gracefully to it!"

"Let me read your palm."

"Taken at the Earnest Hemingway House in Key West, FL. This palm was actually extremely giant, even though you can not tell from this photo, such a lovely estate.".


"These set lines do not fit.
Every time we adapt, amend, or arrange,
My sanity seems split.
These set lines do not falter.
They do not waver, whiffle, or wiggle-waggle,
These set lines will not alter."
 So check out her FLICKR.
She has so many amazing photos, and she's always updating.

Enjoy your rest of the week everyone!!!

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Nichelle said...

This is my first time visiting your blog - I just discovered it via Izi's Pointe of View blog and I was surprised to find that we share an appreciation of Melissa's work. I'm also originally from PA and spent quite a bit of time in Pittsburgh and watching PBT. I attended Slippery Rock for dance. Anyway, nice to find your blog!

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