Thursday, June 9, 2011

new york city - - - part two

"last breath" ballyhoo!

I put together my typical cork board storyboard! Yay!  So buckle up because these were all my essentials for Monday/Tuesday's NYC visit.

1. picture collage: from my dearest, pav
i freaking love collages.  it's too cool!! i love the little piece of Sudoku on the left and the asian dude on the right.

2. Manhattan map, from my mom when i used to take the train to NYC everyday
3. bracelets: evil eye from my friend mel, brown beads from j.crew
4. other jewlery: earrings a gift, evil eye necklace from the metropolitan museum of art, ring from pav
5. Rimmel black nail polish.  call me emo, i don't care, i love black nails
6. wooden bracelet from jersey shore
7. head scarf from forever 21 (just got it in one of the nyc stores!!!!!)


Izi said...

Cool Post!

pav o said...

i love it! especially my collage!
okay and the placement of the nail polish is sick as fuck. it makes it look likes part of the collage and it's cool.

and i love your scarf too. it has the best coloring.

Chelsea Lane said...

ohhh I love these images! that headscarf is SO BEAUTIFUL!


I Live For It said...

Love all your photos! What a fun post!!

Hope you're well darling!

I Live For It

Xx. Jewls and Liza