Monday, June 27, 2011

heart shaped box

"heart shaped box" nirvana. classic. love.

Update!  In Pittsburgh at the SI!! woot woot!  Classes were hard today since it's been about a month since class and 2-3 months since pointe.  Ouch.  Hope I didn't leave a bad impression already because it was so challenging and actually awkward for me!

At least I'm all settled and unpacked.  That's a relief.  right now I'm icing my hips and achilles (need to ice my back as well).  We're going to the pool later (and there's a steam room thank the lord).

Repertory rehearsals start tomorrow!  Very very excited.  I'm praying it's not Swan Lake, Sleeping Beauty, or Paquita (although I have a feeling it's Paquita).  We shall soon find out!

Will post soon!

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moonstruck-expose said...

Ohhhhh amazing!!! You should Post photos of class! Ha! U know I love the ballet photos! U can hipstamatic from ur phone in the mirror or smthn-lol! So sorry ur in pain hon- ugh, pointe for the first time after months sounds wretched! Ice ur lil feet and then soak in a hot tub! Steam room fuhuuursure! Lots of love! Have fun girly!!

moonstruck exposé

x. juliana