Wednesday, June 22, 2011

photoshoot with stef.

"fat old sun" pink floyd.

Finally, as promised; the pics from the photoshoot!  It was our first time working together on a more serious level, but I have to say, my sister is freaking awesome.  My sister is a wicked photographer (check out her new BLOG and her TUMBLR).  She just started the blog (but I'm sure it'll be awesome), and she's been using the tumblr for a while now.

We took the pics with her amazing photography camera.  Inspiration? Nothing really exact... the shoot was completely random, so we let our clothes inspire for the lines of the photos.  We had random music shuffling on (I recall some red hot chili peppers). We had wanted to go outside for a more natural setting, but it was stifling hot, so we stayed indoors.  After much consideration, I decided to take down at least 100 magazine pictures on one of my walls (it was sad, but I feel much more relieved, and my room looks alot more open).  So we used this free wall for the shoot. ENJOY!

before the shoot. going to miss those pictures

don't judge. this definitely isn't a true posse.
love this one of her
this totally looks like an Aldo shoes campaign

En moi: Tilly's bandeau, H&M sweater, Ralph Lauren slacks, Bandolino pumps, pearl, geek glasses
En Stef:: American Apparel tunic, Hollister belt, Boutique9 pumps

Hope you all enjoyed the pictures as much as I did!  Keep checking posts!  Future posts will include: photographer spotlight, jewlery, another corkboard storyboard 


Stephanie said...

ahh i love how these came out<3 we look so goood!(=

pav o said...

I LOVE THIS! you and your sister are sooooo gorgeous... but then again, your entire family is :) good genes, i say.

love your pants. i wish i had a pair and i wish they looked as good on me. your sister's dress is awesome! what style is it? pav wants!

it's so weird to me how different you and your sister look. me and my sister legit look like demented twins, while you two couldn't be more different.

love the lamp in the photos, the way. i wish we had done an indoor shoot :(

Rachel Carina said...

the AA tunic stef is wearing is mine, remember? the one i wore with the gladiators and braided belt everytime we went to whole foods?! (

yeah we definitely look different. but i guess different is good? ok. next time we shall definitely have an indoor shoot.

Izi said...

Hi Rachel,

First of all, I LOVE the post. It's brilliant!!!!!

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Izi :)

Juliet M. said...

you are both very beautiful :) great shoot!