Sunday, June 19, 2011

v for vendetta

Right now I'm watching V for Vendetta.  My mom is laying next to me falling asleep (like always), and I'm editing some pictures and preparing for tomorrow's trip to NYC.  Anyways how awesome is this movie?  It's nothing at all what I thought it would be.  First off, how cool is V's "Guy Fawke" mask??!!  He is brilliant, and I love how he is so eloquent.  Portman is also incredible; her accent is believable, and I still can't believe she actually had her hair shaved off for this movie!  She still looks gorgeous with no hair, I must admit.

Today before celebrating with my dad and grandfather, my sister and I had our first photoshoot together.  I went through my closet and tried on these amazing slacks my mom left me.  I thought they would look weird, but they are freaking amaazing!  First of all, they're high-waisted - which I love.  Secondly the buttons in the front are so so so cool!  They're also comfy and flowy.  The bandeau I found at a small store in the mall, and the sweater is my sister's from H&M.  Necklace and earrings from Pav =] and nerdy glasses from a friend.

Here is a sneak peek of the outfit... I also want to put up some pics I took of my sister.  I am very excited to watch Natalia Osipova and Daniil Simkin in Coppelia tomorrow!  Whilst I'm in NYC, I think I will also check out Alexander McQueen's exhibit at the Met Museum.  I also want to go to the Modern Museum of Art.  Oh how I love the city.

no idea why it's orientated this way because it's saved right side up. who knows?

This is my last week before summer intensive starts!  Going to enjoy it, and I hope the weather will be beautiful.  Good week everyone!


pav o said...

ohhh my holy fucking jesus god mary and the fucking holy spirit. I LOVE THAT PHOTO AND I MISS DOING PHOTO SHOOTS WITH YOU god DAMN!

i wish i could go to nyc!!! i want to see the mcqueen exhibit and ps: i WANT those pantssssss

and v for vendetta is an amazing movie.

Anonymous said...

I also LOVE high waisted pants. I just recently got a pair of vintage jeans from the 70s that are high waisted and I basically live in them.