Saturday, July 2, 2011

quizzaire...le corsaire

Le Corsaire finale just came on shuffle... alors that is what I am listening to.  Luurve it!

Anyhoo, finished week one!  Tired? Sore? Anxious? YES YES YES.
The studios have a no-photography policy, but I'll see to that tehe =]
Yesterday we had a "Pilobolus Partnering" class.  In case you don't know, PILOBOLUS is a company in Connecticut started in 1971.  They do really interesting shows including shadow work (where the whole stage is a sheet, and the dancers behind it make shapes etc.).  All of it is partnering by sharing weight so that not only your partner is holding your weight, but you're holding yourself as well.  The class was really fun (and hard), and I can't wait to learn more next week!

shadow work

Found a quiz... tell you all about myself in a few words.

     Your favorite virtue. respect
      Your favorite qualities in a man. honesty.
      Your favorite qualities in a woman. individualism.
      Your chief characteristic. myself.
      What you appreciate the most in your friends. comfort and change
      Your main fault. jealousy.
      Your favorite occupation. art.
      Your idea of happiness. the beach.
      Your idea of misery. inability to express myself
      If not yourself, who would you be? No one.
      Where would you like to live? the beach.
      Your favourite colour. green.
      Your favourite flower. lilies
      Your favourite bird. don't have one.
      Your favorite prose authors. don't have one.
      Your favorite poets. silverstein
      Your favorite heroes in fiction. howard roark
      Your favorite heroines in fiction. evey hammond
      Your favorite painters. matisse, klimpt, rousseau, picasso, da vinci
      Your favorite composers. ludwig minkus, mozart, bach
      Your heroes in real life. ghandi
      Your favorite heroines in real life. audrey hepburn
      What characters in history do you most dislike. andrew jackson
      Your heroines in World history. catherine di medici
      Your favorite food. scallots.
      Your favorite drink. aloe juice.
      Your favorite names. micaela, mercedes, alessandra
      What I hate the most. slow people
      The military event I admire the most. when the military isn't doing anything.
      The natural talent I'd like to be gifted with. flexible feet.
      How I wish to die. in peace with myself
      What is your present state of mind. insomnia
      For what fault have you most toleration? honest mistakes
      Your favorite motto. don't have one.

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moonstruck-expose said...

Wow that 5th photo is gorgeous! Loved reading ur quiz! I adore Audrey too;)

Happy 4th, babe!

moonstruck exposé

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