Tuesday, July 19, 2011


"echoes" pink floyd.

Woah!  Fourth week in Pittsburgh!  Only about 11 more days to go!  I must say, I am super oober ready to go home and relax in the sun with my family and friends, maybe hit the shore as well.  I really do miss being home (even if it's in the hickiest place ever)... you don't realize what you have until it's gone.  Missing my last two years of high school at home really made me appreciate where I used to live.

Today I saw another apartment, and it looks as if it's the winner!  Just need to do the whole 'credit check' thing and paperwork.  It's absolutely gorgeous and has an AMAZING view of Pittsburgh from the porch.  Seems as if I will be having really nice roommates.  Can't tell you how excited I am to move there.

Last weekend was fun; we went shopping.  I promised myself (and my wallet) to not buy shoes, and I didn't, thank goodness.  But I did do some thrifting, and bought a new sweater, a scarf, and beyond-cool earrings for all $20!!  Also bought "Catch Me If You Can" -- I'm a HUGE Leo Di Caprio and Tom Hanks fan, so it was about time that I bought the dvd.

We had a mini-show for some day-camp kids, and it went very well (and no one fell on the floor!).  Even though I love it here, I can't wait to get back home (as if I didn't already stress this out before).  Will post some pictures soon!

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A Fashionable Flaw said...

Congratulations on finding the apartment and roommates. I was just doing the same thing and now how great it can feel to finally get it all sorted out. :)