Sunday, July 31, 2011

craaazy on you

"crazy on you" heart.

Five weeks: complete.  Home, unpacking at the moment (well not really this moment since I got distracted with catching up with emails/etc.)  Other than getting shin splints and the horrors of apartment shopping, I must say this was such a fun summer intensive!  Going to miss everyone, but can't wait to go back for the Grad Program in the fall!

The pictures from our spring show came in!  Here's a look (and forgive me, there are so many, and these are only the pieces I was in). 

We did Swan Lake Act III (Black Swan) where I danced one of the Spanish Brides.  I was also in Mark Godden's piece called Fable.  It's called Fable for a reason, a girl (myself) cannot fit in with the other group of girls.  They keep making fun of me and playing games that almost end up tragic for me.  Then I meet an older couple (who are for some reason supposed to be jungle animals?)  This part was never explained to me, but I always interpreted the couple to be very wise and very much in love to the point where they can go through anything.  This part wasn't explained either, but I think I was so intrigued by this couple that it drives me mad and I faint.  The third episode is "Shadows" which was one of my favorite parts of the whole ballet.  I always thought of this scene as my own conscious attacking me because of confusion, hurt, and frustration of not fitting in and not being in love.  Six girls dressed in all black (super scary) veils shadow my every movement until they eventually consume me and entangle me.  The fourth episode "Forever After" was the most fun to dance because I had the opportunity to interpret so many different feelings and emotions in my dancing.  A prince finally comes, and although he completely doesn't acknowledge my existence at first (because he is too busy admiring himself), he finally notices me and... well... forever after.

Swan Lake Act III... Black Swan

This piece literally killed my back.  Think I'm finally healed, now just need to regain all my flexibility.

I don't think it smelled too good at the moment

controversial christian communion.... ended up licking her butt instead

by far my favorite photo.  Her legs are so beautiful and the flower continues the line (sin(x) graph anyone?)

they look like dementors. so scary.

being consumed

my prince. haha sounds so corny

LOVE this picture

forever after

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Great photos; thanks for sharing!