Monday, July 4, 2011

happy fourth!!!!

Watching Seinfeld, season 1, episode 5. "Ex-Girlfriend".  Best show EVER.

Happy Fourth of July everyone!! Today we went to an amusement park, but was raining/thundering all throughout the day.  We ended  up soaked, running all the way through the park to the buses.  Oh well.  Week 2 starts tomorrow of the summer intensive!  I'm excited, especially to learn more of  "ETUDES".  I'm also proud to say that I have found an apartment with great rent for next year!  I am glad to have that weight off my chest.

I got to pick up my guitar the other day, and I learned "Good Riddance" by Green Day.  Amazing song and fairly easy to play (since I'm a beginner).  For now I really need to practice the plucking, but I've got the strumming part down. =]

Here are some pictures from this past week, enjoy!

decided to go with my inner-child-instinct and do the door handle decorating thing.
i love lilies =]
i love the houses in pittsburgh; they're so unique and quaint.
so far, the best restaurant i've had the pleasure of eating in, in Pittsburgh. "Girasole" (Italian for sunflower).  I think this was the fourth time I've eaten here throughout this past year.
As I sometimes do with amazing cuisine, I break my vegan vow every once in a while to eat something with cheese/creme/milk.  (Although I should say I'm a "pesca-vegan" since I eat fish on a regular basis).  Anyways I ordered the "Squid Ink Linguine" which is where they dye the linguine with squid ink.  There were also shallots and tender crab claws. YUMMO.  The price was alot, but it was worth every penny. molto bene =]
Since I already broke my vegan-vow, I decided to go full out and get a dessert as well.  I got the "Brandy-Cheery Panna Cotta".  Think of a more fruitful/chocolate pudding with creme, brandy, and berries on top.  Not to mention the confectionery sugar on top.  This was alright, a little two sweet in my opinion, but the brandied cherries were amazing.
My friend's dessert  Biscotti with Italian cookies and berries.  Raspberries are my favorite.
My friends and I with the restau owner.  When we were leaving, we decided we wanted to get some pictures in front of the restau.  Then the owner came out of the grotto and took some with us!  He kept saying to us "You know girls, if I wasn't so young, I would be interested in you." Sweet guy, amazing restaurant, beautiful setting.

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