Monday, July 25, 2011

sad sad city

"sad sad city" ghostland observatory.... cool song, cool band, check it.

Last week for this summer intensive! My achilles tendonitis started acting up (suppose I need another cortisone shot?) and I think I may have shin splints.  Taking it easy this week since the shows are Saturday.  Hopefully once I get home, I can find some miracle-ballet-physical-therapist who works for free.

Anyways, we went on a boat cruise around Pittsburgh in the rivers and such... It was really fun!
downtown pitts.
one of the billion bridges
yet another bridge...

It does worry me that I'm not going to college.  I mean in this day of age, doesn't that make me a minority?  The internet doesn't even have a percentage of kids who don't go (that's how insignificant our race is).  Yes, "race".  I am hereby declaring a new race of high school graduates not going to college.  We're mostly ballet dancers and struggling artists who refuse to conform to a society that spends thousands and thousands of dollars just to get a slip of paper that says "diploma".  I feel like I could just pull a Frank W. Abagnale (just watched catch me if you can), and just make my own diploma and do anything I want.  I mean, Frank ended up working for the FBI?  That doesn't sound too bad.

Besides what's the point of going to school where you only spend a few hours (if anything) actually studying what you want to be?  Sure, being well-rounded is a good thing, but honestly do people even remember what the quadratic formula is?  No.  They don't.  That would just be mental.  I'm definitely not saying that I never want to study again, because I do.  I truly enjoy learning; especially languages, culture, literature, and art. Another point is that most kids don't know what they want to do.  (I'm lucky that I do!)

Everyone has diplomas these days anyway.  I think I would actually stand out more in a job interview. haha  Why don't they just make a test that shows how smart you are and what you study?  Like the SAT, except actually applicable to knowledge (and not how much you pay tutors to tell you how to calculate if it's A, B, C, D, or ALL).

I always re-read my posts before I post them, and WOW this post is a bit severe.... just some thoughts at the moment =P


Four-eyed Ballerina said...

Oh poor you! I hope you are feeling all better for your performances.

I think you don't have anything to worry about if you are confident that your dancing will take you somewhere. You can always go to college anytime if you need to later!

pav said...

okay, first off: you're looking HAWT! second: i totally agree that graduate school in the US is total and utter bs unless you're studying to be an engineer. i'm sure it's different in europe and asia, but in the us college graduate years are the ones you have fun, party, and "find yourself" before going to post graduate school. then you get serious and learn to slice hearts and shit.

i'm excited to go to college to be surrounded by people who genuinely love to learn and teachers that love to teach. i'm probably going to be mucho disappointed, but i'm a nerd and i daydream about meeting people that are equally excited by 19th century england as i am. so that's that.