Monday, January 31, 2011


"videotape" radiohead

So here are the infamous blisters which have healed so so soo much since Friday. Please ignore my hideous toenails, I apologize if you start to feel sick (I have just accepted that I will forever have ugly toes and will never be allowed in a beauty salon for a pedicure). I have been putting hydrogen peroxide on them about 2-3 times a day (it hurts so much, but it works the best and disinfects... plus it bubbles up and looks really cool haha). Anyways I found a way to bandage them; take a bit of a cotton ball (enough to cover the blister) or maybe lamb's wool (which I'm trying tomorrow) and then wrap foam tape around the toe.

This Nexcare foam tap works best - expensive but worth it for the worst blisters/cuts etc.

I couldn't rehearse today with my teacher because she threw out her back! I feel so bad... I did however do some more choreography... still waiting for the finished product though.

Anyone else have some interesting blister remedies they would like to share?

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amy jones said...

i love your toes,the blisters are kinda cool :)