Thursday, January 27, 2011

while my guitar gently weeps

"while my guitar gently weeps" from across the universe soundtrack

ACross the Universe is an incredible film. I absolutely love the Beatles, and this movie made me love them even more. I found it amazing that they put together so many Beatles songs and made it all into a story! It's incredible. The movie is tragic, comedic, and romantic. All in one... it's not you're typical "musical". I wouldn't even classify it as a musical. My favorite song from the movie? There are a few! "I've Just Seen a Face", "While my Guitar Gently Weeps", "Strawberry Fields Forever", "Across the Universe", and of course "Happiness is a Warm Gun". My favorite character is Max. He is just so open and free. Unfortunately he is caught between his love and Vietnam. I admire how relaxed he is.

On to more pressing matters: ballet.
Gamzatti rehearsal yesterday was so rough. I have rehearsal again tomorrow, and I will be choreographing as well. Gamzatti is soooo hard and exhausting! Just when you think it's over - it's not. I'm doing the version with all the jumps in the menege (forgive my spelling) at the end. The jumps are crazy because by then I'm dead. I need some Clif bars just for rehearsal!

Our school is still "undecided" about what we are performing in May. My teacher told us that there are many factors in choosing a ballet such as: how many boys, how strong the boys are, height, ability, costume/scenery renting, and music. What we do know is that it's a piece we have never done before and it's not Romantic (since that would be too difficult apparently). We do know that we are doing something with Mark Godden's choreography and the Level 1 students are doing Pas de Trois from Paquita. I just want to know what I'm casted!!! The suspense is killing me!

I have two auditions this Saturday: Texas Ballet Theatre II and Tulsa Ballet II. I have my photos and resume all ready to go... I'm just anxious to get it over with (and nervous since they're my first company auditions!)

I need to start some homework now or else I will never accomplish it.
So good night all!

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