Sunday, January 23, 2011

somebody to love

'somebody to love' by queen

Right now I'm in the kitchen cooking some pasta, unfortunately it's not my own tomato sauce... still need my mom to teach me how to make her homemade tomato sauce. I also need to figure out how to cook the pasta without the salt-bubbles frothing over. I should probably use a bigger pot... or less salt?

Everything here is a bit quiet because most of the students went to the PNB audition. Being that I'm a Vaganova-trained student and I'm short, I chose not to even bother. I can use that extra $30 for a better-suited audition. Speaking of auditions, I will be having my first auditions next weekend!! Two in one day! Texas Ballet Theatre II and Tulsa Ballet II. Just need to get money and print out some headshots and resumes and I will be set!

Yesterday I watched Amelie... an amazing French film with Audrey Tautou. I love it because she is so intelligent but quirky. Her funny smile makes her seem so innocent yet devious. I just love this movie because it's so clever, especially the narration. Some of my favorite scenes are the suicidal fish, Amelie pondering the number of orgasms happening at that moment (15!), the garden gnome's worldwide trips, and of course the street beggar who says "Sorry madam, I don't work on Sundays." It is such a feel-good movie and makes me want to do some good in the world. But I mean really change people's lives for the better. (Sounds like a resolution, no?)

What else did I do today? Oh, yes, I choreographed more for my contemporary piece. It seems to be shaping up more. I had reached a hump, and today I climbed over it. I showed the mere 30 seconds I accomplished to a friend. He said he liked it, and it seemed like he genuinely did enjoy it. He gave me some advice to think about. So until tomorrow I will keep thinking and listening to it.

After rehearsal, I walked to Panera with some friends. I ordered a "Frozen Mango". Very delicious, but it was 330 calories! Ouch.... ANyways now I'm back to where I started this blog; sitting in the kitchen eating my pasta. I don't like the sauce... like usual, all these Wannabe-Italian companies always season it too much.

So now onto a new week, that I will promise myself to be better than last week. (Did I mention my boyfriend and I broke up last week). So I will make this an amazing week. Oh and you know what else?? 32 days until I'm home! (I'm going home to take two auditions).

Signing off for now,


Anonymous said...

I love Amelie as well; definately one of my favs!

Sorry to hear you broke up with your boyfriend:( Dance it off!

Rachel Carina said...

That's the spirit! And that is just what I am doing... it works well!