Friday, January 28, 2011

throw away your television

"throw away your television" red hot chili peppers

here are two of my "dance photos" for auditions. Kitri, no?

Our school hosted the San Francisco SI audition tonight. Wow. The teacher (I do not know his name at the moment) is incredible - so flexible and such BEAUTIFUL feet. Wow. I think I was watching him more than the students! haha.

Anyways I had another Gamzatti rehearsal today. We've decided to change the diagonal turning sequence to the POB version that Elisabeth Platel did (it's on youtube!). She does a double pique turn into another double turn with bourees three times in a small circle around herself. It just works better for me, and it's also a better breathing part.

This rehearsal we especially worked on my hands. I tend to tense them up so much that I crumple them up. It feels as if all the blood is rushing to my fingers and they feel so dense and heavy. So I am working on not only relaxing them, but also extending them. We also worked on the grand allegro menege. We had to adjust all the directions due to the stage dimensions (which are smaller than we expected - I barely can fit my jumps! )... Anyways this rehearsal was extremely productive, and I made sure to eat more this time so I didn't feel too weak this time around.

Afterwards I did some more choreography for my contemporary piece. I think that I have a basic layout of the entire piece, but there are large gaps in between with no choreography. So I just have to fill in the space.

I found an interesting video posted on someone's facebook. It was five Russian ballerina (Osipova, Semionova, and Kondourova to name a few)... ANyway it was called "Cinque". It was so cool; first they started out in a straight line across the stage all on their own chair just doing some poses. Then they each had a solo, and then the conclusion was them back on their chairs again. Unfortunately I cannot find it on youtube =[

Need some rest; I have Texas Ballet Theatre and Tulsa Ballet auditions tomorrow =O


Anonymous said...

Your Pictures look great!

I wish I could see that video; Polina Semionova is my fav!

I Live For It said...

Beautiful. I used to be a former ballerina... love your photos.

XO, Liza and Jewls

Rachel Carina said...

Thanks everyone! And Happy Valentine's Day!