Thursday, January 20, 2011

all my loving

today was an interesting day, however I think that I will talk about it when the appropriate time comes.

Just watched Alonso's Carmen with Maya Plisetskaya (my favrite ballerina ever) and Nikolai Fadeyechev. It was absolutely stunning. She looked older in the film, but she still had her distinguishable artistry and power. My favorite part of the ballet was the bull fight. I loved the dancer all in black playing the part of the bull. I thought the choreography was fantastic, and who doesn't love Bizet's Carmen?

I got an idea from "four eyed ballerina" about sharing things in dance bags. so here it is, this is my over-stuffed dance bag:

And here are the goods: two pairs Grishko pointe shoes, half socks (used as toe pads), spray bottle, hammer, The Stick, Advil, 2nd Skin, scissors, Stitch Kit, leg warmers, overalls, skirt, mukluks, eaten Clif bar (yumm!), IcyHot, rubber balls, ballet notebook, Company and summer intensive information folder, The Fountainhead...

There is so much more, however I would probably suffocate trying to empty it all out!
The Fountainhead is a book suggested to me by a dear friend. It is a philosophy book about Objectivism (human's main goal in life is their own pursuit of happiness). I feel that it will be a tedious read (over 500 pages!), but I think it is important for me to read and understand it since it has greatly affected Philosophy as we know it today.

What else happened today?
- began Ballet Pedagogy class
- began my new additional workout/conditioning (varying walking/jogging speeds and elevations, abs, back, stretching)
- drew an extremely quick sketch for art class of a Clif Bar wrapper
Not too shabby for 5 minutes? And wow, I love Clif bars.

Upcoming Goals for the weekend:
- apply to Cincinnati University for dance
- find more online colleges
- arrange audition with Arts Ballet Theatre of Florida in Miami
- read
- play out in the sun (Beach perhaps?)
- keep working out!!

Signing out for now! Need to do calculus and english homework.... Anyone else want to share the contents of their dance bag?


Anonymous said...

I love Cliff bars too! So delicious. There is a store here where I live where you can buy gient bulk boxes of them in mixed flavors :)

Rachel Carina said...

i practically live off of clif bars. they are incredible!!!!