Monday, May 16, 2011

thank you... artist paul w. ruiz

"thank you" led zeppelin

Found this incredible artist through someone's tumblr today.  Could only find information on him from his website... He studied at University of Melbourne (in Australia woohoo!)  He also has his own blog.

His faces almost look like hos Da Vinci made his faces so soft and blended, but then Ruiz adds in all the different layers and colors... I LOVE IT.
doesn't it look similar? so soft

I especially love this one.


Juliet said...

love your taste. this artist is wonderful :)

pav said...

i love the way he does paintings... the way the face is there, but not really. blended and blurred and yet every feature is visible

Izi said...


Thanks so much for the post. I really love all the pictures. To be honest, they are some of my favourites, too!

Loving the background for your blog, too.

Izi : )