Saturday, February 11, 2012


"holocene" bon iver.  cool sound. thanks SNL

warning: been stuck in my apartment all week, time to vent. lots of anatomical terms getting ready to shoot your way...

when it first started... much different picture now.
So it's been snowing since yesterday, and it shows no sign of stopping! UGH.  Even though I hate the cold and everything that comes with it (hem hem SNOW. ew), I was looking forward to going sledding at least once.  BUT NO.  I am currently wearing a "boot", aka the dancer's 3rd-rate footwear (and practically every dancer has one of these bad boys stuffed in their closet wrapped in a plastic bag to keep the stench concealed).  Luckily I got a new one because my old boot is somewhere at home probably giving the stink-bugs in the basement a run for their lives.  This new one is awesome because... well it's 5 years newer than my old one!  It's got this awesome pump thingie that allows me to control how tight all the cushioning is.

oh yeah. look at that sexiness

Ok, ok.  I know.  The suspense is killing you.  So Monday I thought I'd be all goody-good and take another class after rehearsals (almost getting past my plateau.... or at least I was....) and my foot started acting up, so I shook it off and put on a leg warmer and marked some things.  Yuh.  Every dancer does this (or at least the less intelligent ones).  And then petit allegro came up, and I promised I'd only do it once even though it's one of my favorite parts of class.  And as I went into a glissade, I twisted my foot.  Thank gawd I was on the side in the back, I just hopped over to my stuff cursing under my breath and made my way to the locker room - still doing a weird hoppy-limp thing.  Oh YAY! Even greater news!  It's my right foot!  aha  yesss safe driving home!  That was an adventure!  Don't try pressing the gas pedal with just your toe....

Finally I got to seeing a sports doctor.  Turns out I have "type 1 accessory navicular bone syndrome"!  Woo hoo I have a syndrome (stay with me here, I get excited over cool words since I've been in my apartment all week watching Lord of the Rings.... oh and I watched A Clockwork Orange twice, once with commentary. fabulous choodessny. Never gets old).  Everyone has this "navicular" bone.  It's one of the tarsals in your inner foot below the sticky-outty ankle bone.  The posterior tibularis tendon runs over this tarsal, so unfortunately it hurts to do certain movements with my foot.

there's that suckah.  circled it for ya
and here again, the bone shaded in green "D" medial view.
the posterior tib is shaded in red.  So as you can see, my foot hurts in inversion and dorsiflexion (fortunately just at the navicular bone, the larger part of the tendon does not hurt)

So the doc says, we should get you an MRI!  Woo hoo hooray!  (sarcastic much?)  At the moment I'm waiting to hear from my insurance company whether or not I'm covered for the MRI.  Until then (or then and thereafter) I must wear this damned boot for 3-4 weeks because immobilization is the best remedy.  Hypothetically if the bone (or cartilage... whichever shows in the MRI) hasn't healed I may have to get some steroid injections (double yay for getting even more fat!).  And then worse comes to worse... dum dum dum. surgery.  But lets not talk about that.

My friend taught me this trick to name ten things you appreciate right off the top of your head when you're a bit down.  Think it's a good time.

1. I opened up my anatomy book for the first time since anatomy class two years ago.
2. I love black nail polish.  I don't care what people think
3. my magic bullet.  just learned that it has more than just the ability to make smoothies and margaritas. it can make breadcrumbs too!
4. candles.  who doesn't love?
5. my jim morrison poster.  he's just staring at me.  no matter where i walk in the room.  it's like a huge mona lisa! except manly and topless and beautiful wavy locks of hair
6. youtube.  fell in love with a Japanese beat boxer today
7. ability to call something "artistic" because in reality you can't use watercolor for your life so you just try to make it look abstract when really, you just messed it up so bad.
view from my eastern window.... awesome sunrise at 7 in the morning. thankyou, insomnia

8. hot cocoa
9. frozen lima beans

10. my guitar.  even though i still can't play to save my life, it's definitely a time consumer.

OK. yeah. That made me feel happier =]

Update on random stuff:
- PBT is performing "Uncommon" this weekend.  Oh and they just announced next season's rep!  I'm beyond excited for Giselle because it's my most favorite ballet.
- started putting a real dent in Anna Karenina.  I got to Part 2!! Only about 600 pages to go!
- have officially watched all three Lord of the Rings.  That was a doozy.  Smeagol is my favorite.
- Jackie Brown has found its way into my collection of Tarantino films =]
- am preparing a super-awesome fashion post since I have a lavish amount of time

So if anyone has had a similar problem with an accessory navicular bone or is super smart or something with advice, comments are especially appreciated.  Actually, in addition to that, anyone can comment.  It isn't required to have a higher intelligence level.  All levels of smartness are acceptable. =]

random sharpie.... the dude is Ralph or Ralphie. whichever you prefer.  just random stuff. i swear i'm not a druggie, I've just been incorporating mushrooms in my diet often lately since they've been on sale =]

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