Friday, February 17, 2012


"if" pink floyd.

 I am truly very jealous for anyone reading this that can understand Russian.  I want to know what this woman is saying SO BAD. 

So I had to make this post because I was watching a bunch of random youtubes (story of my injured life), and I came across this set of 4.  It's a documentary from Perm Ballet School (anyone else remember when that other Perm video came out called "Beautiful Tragedy"?  Yeah, I do.  Check it out if you haven't).  Anyways for those who don't know, Perm is one of Russia's best schools, at least from what I've heard, and this teacher is awesome.  First off, she always wears the same purple sweater with colorful embellishments.  Secondly she makes girls cry, smile, and giggle all in the same class.  Thirdly she also parties!!  Fourthly, and maybe most importantly, she is friends with MAYA PLISETSKAYA.  The  most amazing female dancer ever - I don't care what anyone else thinks.

in case you didn't believe me, here is the sweater
Her name is Ludmila Pavlovna Sakharova.  Unfortunately I could not find any other information about her except that she is a great teacher and she thinks that, “A teacher must possess many qualities – firmness and softness, patience and perseverance and sturdiness… But above all is love for children, desire to train them up, all of them, both week and strong. And, creativity in one's approach to one's task is also above all.” (Sakharova from a Ballet Magazine article).

I highly recommend watching these videos (why else would I post about them?), however I will give you a brief summary of each so that you can rate their importance and decide which you prefer watching if you have lack of time.

Part 1: They show a little bit of barre and then center.  She makes two girls sit out.
Part 2: Center continues and then they switch to examination day.  And then one of the best parts is MAYA PLISETSKAYA.  If you are also a Plisetskaya fan, fast forward to 13:20 to see her gorgeous face along with five pounds of eyeliner (but hey she looks hip!)
Part 3: This part is super boring.   They continue exams but not really showing much of the actual dancing.  Then they show a girl crying and blahblahblah, part of their show with a weak performance of Don Q pas, and then their awards ceremony.  If you're truly trying to find something to do to fill your boring day (ahem like me), then I guess you could watch it.
Part 4: Ok, probably the best part.  After the performance, the kids celebrate, AND SO DOES SHE.  Great dancing.  Anyways if you're not into old ladies dancing (which I personally think is awesome), at least you see the last of the pas de deux with the girl's fouettes.  The rest is just fill-in scenes like an empty studio and people walking on the street and such.

So if you're not familiar with ballet and have watched some of these, maybe you've learned that ballerinas aren't as "soft" as you think.... I wish my dad would watch this.

I did promise a fashion post, and don't worry it's coming up.  I'm just spending extra time/research on it to make it awesome.  Ohhh yeah.

Also, a little tidbit here for ya: TODAY IN HISTORY, Puccini's Madame Butterfly premiered at La Scala Opera House in Milan.  Oh and it's also Michael Jordan's birthday.

Ta ta for now everyone!

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