Tuesday, August 9, 2011

what's my age again??

"what's my age again" Blink-182 (I hear they have a new album coming out?!!)

Just finished my nails, and waiting for them to dry, what better time to blog! Woot woot.

Yesterday I finally went out for a walk (my first form of exercise other than getting up from the couch) since I've been resting/icing my shins.  It felt good to go out even though I wouldn't let myself jog.  It was so so tempting, but I will admit that I jogged a little when it started to rain so that I could get to the car to close the windows.  Today I'm going to do the same thing but in addition will swim, do abs, and feet exercises.  Going to be very sore tomorrow.

Since I've been couch-bound alot lately, I've been surfing fashion blogs so so much.  Here are some of my favorites:

Kathleen from Inspirafashion.  She rocks everything she puts together so fabulously.

not only the dress, take a look at those lips!
Bee from Atlantic-Pacific:

Liza (a former ballerina nonetheless) from fashion over groceries:

Juliana (another former ballerina) from moonstruck expose:

Elle from Opium Poppies (just started following her from a AmericanApparel lead):

Anyways these are just a few of my faves... there are so many I can't count.

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pav said...

yessssss now i have like 18 more people to follow! i wish i had the confidence to wear clothes this awesome.