Tuesday, August 16, 2011

the stone

"the stone" dave matthews band.

Truly, I've been avoiding blogger recently because there isn't much to write about since I've been off for more than two weeks (and two more to go) and mostly stuck in my house.  So what have I been doing with this free time that I barely get the rest of the year? 

Well... I had one of my coolest friends, Pav, stay over the weekend.  This New Englander is my photoshoot partner from the Deadly Viper Assassination Squad (I say this because we watched so many Kill Bill scenes this weekend) who has  hooked me on Andre Agassi (since she gave me his autobio Open - which is freakishly amazing by the way).

Honestly I do not follow tennis nor do I play it, but from reading this book my respect has gone up so much for the sport.  Agassi's book is truly amazing, and I've learned so much about tennis.  I have found many similarities between tennis, ballet, Agassi, and myself.  For instance, he was put into the tennis world because of his tennis-crazed father.  My mom forced me to take ballet, except fortunately I learned to love it... Agassi, however, hated tennis all his life.  Another coincidence was that he went to a tennis boarding school in Florida.  Who knew?!  There he suffered from the normal boarding school tendencies, all of which I understood (such has being homesick, boredom, fatigue, horrible food, and the worst - competition).  However he was a bit lucky in the fact that he could actually rebel without getting expelled (something I only wish had been my circumstance).  Anyways, highly recommend this book for anyone.  You don't have to be a sports fanatic, historian, or (in my case) a ballerina.

Back to my life... So to fill the empty space of time these past few weeks (the last of which has been disgustingly rainy and cloudy), I've been drawing/painting, taking pictures, and playing guitar. Woot woot!
"Blackbird"  I rewrite all Tabs because it helps me learn the song better.
charcoal, watercolors

pav drew with charcoal, and we both painted

an old pen drawing i made, and just painted today

pav has a puppy bassett hound that she's obsessed with.  this is her charcoal rendition of him

this one is all pav. charcoal/watercolors yet again.
pav again. this is ebony and sharpie
What sort of visit would it be if my and Pav didn't have a photoshoot?  So we packed our gear along with my awesome-photographer-sister, Stef.  We went to a state park with waterfalls and rocks.  So beautiful.  Unfortunately it was not just raining, but POURING. The whole time.  It was difficult, but it actually made some of the shots look even cooler.  After the shoot, we climbed our way back to the car, wringing out our soaked clothes and cleaning up all the smeared makeup from our faces.

stef, american apparel shirt

pav is wearing a lace dress and chiffon dress by american apparel and a free people blazer
myself. wearing red american apparel dress with H&M lace shirt, coach belt

This weekend we also made smore by our outdoor-chimney and went swimming in our pool at night with glowsticks!!  The glowsticks in the pool was awesome especially when you swam through them.
a really bad-quality photo of the glowsticks being thrown into the pool.
Tomorrow is the only sunny day this week... the rest is thunderstorms like it has been since last week.  We're hoping to cook some homemade pizza one of these days.  I also need to start organizing clothes, furniture, kitchen stuff, etc. for moving to Pittsburgh.   I just got word yesterday that the program starts Sept 6th and I get to take FREE open classes!!  Yes, I said free.  woot woot!

Cheers everyone to a crappy week ahead... but beautiful day tomorrow! =)

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I <3 glowsticks sooo much! I just never grew out of it