Sunday, March 11, 2012

we live in a beautiful world...

we live in a beautiful world - "don't panic" coldplay

That fine month that marks the beginning of spring.  Oh yes.  You know what that means?  Flowers.  Rainbows after rain.  Bunnies coming out of hibernation.  Rebirth.  A New Beginning.  And hell, lets just get to it... WARMER WEATHER.

I'm really excited.  Not to mention, I'm also super excited to start dancing again.  I finally got my MRI, and I do not have a fracture in my navicular bone... just "type 2 accessory navicular bone syndrome" *gosh that's a mouthful*  For those of you who aren't anatomy geeks, the navicular is one of your tarsals on the inner part of your foot diagonally beneath your ankle bone.  Mine never formed correctly, and so unfortunately because this bone carries most of the weight of the body and is also attached to the posterior tibularis tendon....... what was my point again?  Oh yeah.... I need to strengthen the bejesus out of it.  Of course strengthening very carefully and helping it get unswollen.

I watched PBT's A Streetcar Named Desire last night.  I actually liked it very much.  It was nice to see some contemporary work that still actually has a storyline.  It was very different from the play however.  It began with a prologue where Blanche is in the asylum.  Then it flashes back to her wedding with Allan who turned out to be gay.  That marriage didn't last.  Especially when he kept dying every time she touched him.  I especially loved how Blanche always seemed so separated from everything that was going on around her.  Act 1 was brilliant, especially as her relatives are constantly dying around her.  Their black clothing and lack of expression really set the entire ballet as being extremely morbid.  It was also very interesting to have a mixture of some dialogue with the ballet.

Act 2 was also great.  This is where Blanche remembers her visit to her sister, Stella, in New Orleans.  This seemed to hold alot more true to the play.  One of my favorite parts was when Stanley told Mitch Blanche's real story.  Mitch grabbed Blanche and put her under a bright light exposing her for who she truly is.  The rape scene was also really interesting.  I was wondering how the choreographer, John Neumeier, was going to incorporate such a graphic but important scene in the form of movements.  It was really fantastic and also very tasteful.  The point was made clear.


I have the beginning of a Spring playlist.  Enjoy! (in no specific order)

if you want to sing out, sing out -- Cat Stevens
from the mvoie, Harold and Maude

don't panic -- coldplay (really awesome vid by the way
new slang -- the shins (you know you love the shins)
just breathe -- pearl jam (it's an oldie...)
as tears go by -- rolling stones
had to put this up for you guys... who doesn't love jagger?
shattered -- o.a.r. (turn the car around)
carmen -- georges bizet
plisetskaya... I had to

l'amour est un oiseau rebelle (hananera) -- georges bizet (maria callas)
we are young -- fun feat janelle monae (higher than the empire state)
karma police -- citizen cope ( radiohead cover)
romeo and juliet balcony scene -- prokofiev (ferr/bocca. the BEST)
play with fire -- rolling stones (jagger again. yum yum)
the planets -- gustav holst (neptune)  listen to all of them =]
let go -- frou frou (garden state clips)

As you can see this playlist is heavily influenced by Garden State and soft oldies =]  Keeping my loud-mouth guitar-screeching zeppelin stuff for summer if I can resist.  Anyways, if you've ever been wondering if you'd like opera, Carmen is a great opera to begin with.  It's really not that long, and it's very catchy.  I'm sure you'll recognize alot, even beginning with just the Overture!  Prokofiev is also genius as well, and his Romeo and Juliet is just fantastic.

Oh, and cheers to the time change... Yuck.  I almost forgot to change my clock, and that really would have messed up Monday morning.

(btw, it's been about 3 weeks of not biting my nails.... woot woot!)


blue roses said...

streetcar is one of my favorite pieces of literature.... i adore ballet, wish i could dance, so would love, love, love to see it performed!

Lina Mayorga said...

That loos interesting!

Anonymous said...

I am STILL messed up from the time change! Guh